Musical Theater SOS

Now more than ever, the annual ARHS Musical needs financial help to thrive in the coming year as the program continues to recover from the devastating consequences of having to cancel performances of the Musical in March due to the Covid-19 school closing.

An amazing community of donors have stepped up to save the ARHS Musical, but more assistance is very much needed.

A message from John Bechtold

Chair, ARMS/ARHS Performing Arts Dept.
ARHS Theater Company Director

The ARHS musical has never charged participation fees, and promises all students full participation free of concern for the cost of costumes and the like. We promise a winter full of a massive build and production process that allows students to shine in a host of areas on stage and off.

With the cancellation of Spring Awakening due to the COVID-19 virus, the ARHS musical is suddenly thrown into jeopardy, with its financial future up in the air.

This is where we could use your help. Between production materials, rentals, royalties, supplies, and staff stipends, the musical costs roughly $20,000 each year to mount.

Ticket sales and program donations typically have us breaking even. But this year, we have bills awaiting payment with no revenue from a show to cover them.

If you believe in the unique power of projects like the ARHS musical to give our students a lasting gift, then we could use your help.

If a large enough community of donors supports us, we can envision the possibility of an ARHS musical in the spring of 2021.

Please donate what you can to help save the ARHS Musical.

Sincerely, John Bechtold
Chair, ARHS Performing Arts Department
ARHS Theater Company Director