Musical Theater SOS

A Message from John Bechtold

Chair, ARMS/ARHS Performing Arts Dept.
ARHS Theater Company Director

While our music, theater, and dance programs begin to return from two years of limited performances, the annual ARHS Musical has held together thanks to incredible support from our community.  From our Spring Awakening shutdown in March 2020 to last year’s outdoor production of The Sound of Music, students and staff have worked hard to preserve this production that brings in well over 100 students each year to make a large-scale musical together.  

An amazing community of donors have stepped up during the pandemic to preserve the ARHS musical, but we’re still working out of the financial losses of these past years.

In order to maximize access to our program, the ARHS musical has never charged participation fees, despite the significant costs of producing the show each year.

As we continue to recover from repeated lost ticket revenue from the last two years, we are asking for your support in continuing this production for the years to come.

Between production materials, rentals, royalties, supplies, and staff stipends, the musical costs nearly $20,000 each year to produce. Ticket sales and program donations help us break even most years. During the pandemic, however, we’ve not been able to raise those funds due to the heavy reduction in ticket sales.

If you believe in the unique power of projects like the ARHS musical to give our students a lasting gift, then we could use your help. All proceeds help us continue the musical in 2022 and the years ahead.

Please donate what you can to help preserve the ARHS Musical.
Sincerely, John Bechtold
Chair, ARHS Performing Arts Department
ARHS Theater Company Director